Our Methods

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Our Methods

Why can’t we simply ask users about their experience with digital products? Why do we need to measure their reactions?

For the simple reason that we humans are not always aware of our own reactions – and besides, we might not even want to share them. Therefore, if we wish to explore the user’s authentic experiences (which is exactly what we are after), a mere interview will usually not suffice. The information must be complemented by other types of measurements.

At Experience Lab we have developed a unique combination of test methods where we not only ask users about their subjective experiences, but also measure objective data about their psychophysical reactions.

Eye Tracking

Our eye-tracking system can monitor eye movements and analyze where someone is looking. Either in front of a screen or out in the real world.

eye tracking

Stress response

By measuring electric changes in the skin we are able to interpret when the brain reacts to something in the environment.

Brain Frequencies

An EEG device continuously measures changes in brain frequencies and tells us in what state the brain is. Excited? Bored? Stressed? This gives us clues to what how the user experiences the situation.

interview and survey

Questionnaires and interviews

Although we specialize in advanced technical test methods, we still utilize some important traditional techniques as well. Our research always includes interviews and questionnaires to complement the technological tests.

Socially Assistive Robots

We offer researchers the possibility to explore robot-assisted solutions and human-robot interaction with our three humanoid social robots, Pepper, Nao and Furhat