Brainwaves with EEG

Brainwaves with EEG

An EEG device can measure a test subject’s brain activity and monitor how the brain reacts to different situations (stimuli). This data can tell us whether a person’s brain is reacting to something in a negative or positive way. EEG allows us to measure many other things as well, such as the engagement level, that is how focused the brain is on a certain task. Together this data can help us understand the basis for a person’s experience of a situation.

The technique is non-intrusive, which is important for making the test subject feel at ease with the situation.

EEG can be used for

  • Finding challenging situations in a workflow, be it a website, a game, or some other interactive system
  • Measuring postive or negative brain states, for example when watching a political advertisement.
  • Comparative studies between different stimuli, for example two different versions of an interface.

The sky is the limit, almost…

EEG has its limitations, and it is important to be aware of these. During the years we have followed the litterature and experimented to find out best practices for our type of EEG measurements. We know when to use it, and when not to use it.

We look forward to hearing your ideas of how EEG could help in your projects. Together we can figure out the details and create a test setup that in the best way will answer your questions.