Expert review

Expert Review

Expert Review

An expert review is an inspection method where an usability expert uses his/her knowledge and experience of testing websites/products/services/applications with users to evaluate a digital product/service from a typical user perspective. The expert can identify potential problems and recommend changes to improve usability and ux when budgets and timescales are limited.

This method is often referred to as a Heuristic Evaluation, which is a common method used in more formal or academic circles. The main differences between a Heuristic Evaluation and Expert Reviews is that the Expert Review pays not only full attention on the User Interface but also on the context of use, the nature of the system and business goals. This makes the Expert Review technique more flexibly on screen-based technology as well as physical products and services than Heuristic Evaluations. Expert Review aims to fully understand user needs rather than reducing them down to a checklist.

Benefits of Expert Reviews

  • Organisations and businesses get fast, low cost, independent feedback of their product or service in any stage of its development or life-cycle.
  • Detailed feedback meaning insight and knowledge of each step of a typical user journey and how to focus upon customer needs with a strategic perspective in order to truly fulfill its business strategy.