Over the years Experience Lab have gathered a lot of knowledge in different areas of human / technology interaction. We would love to tell you what we have learned so far. Our lectures usually fall within any of these categories

Human / User Centered design and development.

  • We show you the steps from idea to product prototyping, and how to involve the end users and stakeholders in the development. We also discuss how and when to conduct the extremely important user testing phases. This ensures product quality, usability and a great user experience.

Digital Transformation

  • What happens when new technology is introduced in different situations of our lives – be it school, work or in our daily life in general. How should we handle this, and what is around the corner?

Humanoid Robots

  • Lately robots that have human features and humanoid exteriors have emerged. In our lab, Pepper has moved in. What happens in the interaction between humans and robots, and how can they be used in society now, and in the near future.


  • We can hold lectures about anything we do, so get in touch and we can figure it out together.