Workshops – social humanoid robots in education and healthcare

Our laboratory hosts two humanoid social robots (Pepper and Nao sätt gärna länkar bakom namnen: Pepper: and Nao: ) that participate in our exploratory studies of human-robotic interaction in fields like education, rehabilitation, and health care for example.

We serve as a research and development partner in projects, where we carry out the design process of social human-robot interaction, conduct user research and studies of the implementation of the design, and serve as a testing facility.

We hold workshops on the topic of social robotics in fields such as learning, education, and health care. The topic of these workshops ranges from social robotic practices that are already in place – or are just around the corner – to possible future scenarios, where humans interact with companion robots on a larger scale than at present. We also offer workshops on the design process of social human-robot interaction, with a special focus on trust and ethics.  

Virtual reality – workshops

We make tailor made workshops with Virtual Reality within the context of education and healthcare for all levels of experience and VR knowledge.

Workshops that will provide you with a good knowledge and uses of virtual reality in your business, class or organisation. We will discuss different types of VR devices & headsets, the software and example VR applications to get a firm understanding of VR technology.

  • We will have a hands-on demo session using various VR equipment including:
    • HTC VIVE VR headset
    • Oculus Rift
    • Oculus Quest
    • Google Daydream VR
  • VR Uses and Examples in education and healthcare
  • VR Uses and Examples in businesses and organisations