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The purpose of the DIGI-MODE project is to promote the increased usage of digital tools and in particular Virtual Reality solutions to companies located in Ostrobothnia. This is mainly achieved through the planning, development, demonstrations and validation of so-called digital twins. Three major digital twins will be developed in cooperation with local companies from different business sectors: The manufacturing industry, the real estate and construction sector and the energy sector.

A digital twin is a real-time virtual representation of a physical object or process. Digital twins can visualize data from different types of sensors, such as energy meters, water meters, cameras and other IoT devices. Using digital twins, it’s possible to streamline remote working, cooperation and maintenance. This is something which has grown increasingly relevant over the last few years.

The DIGI-MODE project is a collaboration between the University of Vaasa, VAMK, Novia UAS and Åbo Akademi. The project will make use of the existing infrastructure available at the University of Vaasa, Technobothnia, the Design Centre MUOVA (VAMK) and Experience lab at Åbo Akademi.

Results – Architectural Masser

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