The project’s objective is to find the best solution for conducting user experience studies of digital solutions entirely remotely. The need for remote testing has arisen due to the pandemic, which has made physical activities, both in the laboratory and on-site at companies, impossible. However, even without a pandemic, this development is essential to find a smooth and cost-effective way for companies and organizations to evaluate their digital solutions before launching them on a global market.

Remote testing also supports the transition to a digital and low-carbon society, where the significance of geographic location decreases.

During the project period, tests of various digital solutions are carried out in collaboration with four companies in the region and researchers in the environment, in the form of pilot studies, to find the solution that best meets the needs and provides the most reliable results to ensure a good user experience of the product/service/solution.

The project is co-financed by the Ostrobothnia Region Association.

Project Leader: Sören Andersson,